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How to contact Koboh sales and support

Contacting Sales or Support

We aim to answer as many common questions as we can - both sales and technical, in our Knowledge base - so try a quick search there first. Our Knowledge base is ever growing with new and updated articles.

If you don't find the information you need in our knowledge base, you can submit a support ticket or open a live chat.

All our contact options can be found with the support menu on our website

What information to include in support requests

Solving technical issues can be a complex process and we want to help you get back online as quickly as possible. To get the best from us on initial contact please provide as much information as possible.

Please take a moment to read the entirety of the article before submitting your ticket as it is highly likely we will need to ask for this information before we can proceed with any investigation.

Issues with your website:

In order for us to solve your issue as quickly as possible, there are a few key elements that you should include in your ticket. This will involve recording the steps to replicate the problem enabling our support team to begin investigating as soon as possible.

Other pertinent information to include in your support ticket include:

  • The website/domain the issue is occurring on
  • The date/time the problem occurred
  • The full URL in the browser window when the problem occurred
  • Your public IP address as shown at View my IP
  • Any errors reported by your browser, or web application
  • Your operating system and browser versions (e.g. Windows 11 + Firefox latest release)

Issues with your email account:

A few key elements that you should include in your ticket, include:

  • cPanel username and the domain name the problem relates to
  • The date/time the problem occurred
  • Any errors reported by your email software when trying to fetch/send email
  • The sender address and recipient address of a failed email message
  • Your public IP address as shown at View my IP
  • Any error reported by the sender's email software (if any)
  • Your operating system and browser versions (e.g. Windows 11 + Firefox latest release)

Do's and Don'ts of contacting support

In order for us to deal with your issue as quickly as possible, we request that you follow the guidelines below:

Do: Follow the guidelines above to ensure your ticket is handled promptly and efficiently. The simple guidelines ensure our support team do what we do best in the most efficient manner possible.

Do: Note down any recent changes to your website or hosting that you believe may be responsible for the issues you have encountered. Sometimes a change can be made that seems innocent at the time, but later these can result in entirely unexpected issues and it is important that our support team is aware of any recent changes that could possibly result in the issue.

Do: Include all relevant information that you feel our team may need to know. You may have some additional information or insight that you may think is irrelevant. In the majority of these cases, it is better to provide this in your support ticket as our support team will be able to immediately rule them out or investigate them further.

Don't: Combine multiple issues into a single ticket. Your request may expand into a larger investigation, by adding multiple issues to a single support query can cause confusion while the issue is being investigated and will result in a delay in response times.

Don't: Submit multiple tickets for the same issue. When we investigate an issue, it is important that we can see a chronological history of the support provided. Submitting multiple tickets will create confusion while we work on the issue and will cause significant delays to your response times. It can sometimes take us a while to reply to a ticket as in the majority of cases, we will not push a change to your site without thoroughly testing it first. If you receive a ticket submission confirmation email when submitting the ticket, rest assured the support team are aware of the ticket and are likely investigating it.

Don't: Reply to your own ticket multiple times to chase a reply. When you submit your support request, you will be asked for the urgency of the ticket. We use this and the time since last reply to determine the tickets priority in the queue. Replying to your own ticket is extremely counterproductive as your ticket will appear as though it is newer than it is and this will cause a significant delay.

Don't: Become abusive or use profanity towards our staff. We understand that it can be frustrating when things go wrong and sometimes you may want to blame us. However, things will always turn out better if you work with us. Abusive or violent language towards our staff will not be tolerated and will only result in delays in resolving your issue.